The Week of October 17th: 10 things eft is reading this week

From autonomous vehicles to startups.

1) Returnly is a startup looking to improve the refund portion of returns. IT has just landed $3.2 million in seed funding.

2) Apple has apparently scaled back its plans to build a car. They will still continue to develop the software for an autonomous driving system.

3) SEKO signs-up to join Alibaba’s OnePartner programme to help develop cross-border logistics.

4) 5 Ted talks for the supply chain. From manufacturing to singularity, business-building to why companies fail, some must-sees in here!

5) Burberry has reported a decline in revenue despite looking to implement some significant changes in its retail strategy: eliminating discounting, getting sales-staff to focus on high-revenue customers.

6) Every new Tesla apparently has the technology to drive itself. We aren’t sure where the regulators are with all of this, but the Germans certainly won’t want him to call this Autopilot.

7) Stripe, the payment services start up is looking to track eCommerce fraud through machine learning.

8) LeEco is a Chinese consumer electronics brand…and auto manufacturer? (Maybe this is what scared Apple away?) Anyways, they’ve just released their own ‘Tesla killer’ though it didn’t make it on stage.

9) Lora Cecere uses Caterpillar as a case study to explore what a company should do when market demand falls from both a business and supply chain perspective.

10) eBay is looking to redefine itself as an online shop rather than just an auction site in response to the evolving retail industry. 


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