Blume Global announces new platform to manage assets across the supply chain

Blume Global has announced a real-time, collaborative global supply chain ecosystem that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Blume has announced a series of new software products to help manage supply chains from multiple perspectives, replacing its Rez-1 brand.

The suite includes the following products.

Blume Assets (formerly REZ-1), which enables carriers, service providers as well as any enterprise, such as retail customers that own assets, to manage their key assets, including containers, chassis, trailers and more, across the entire lifecycle.

Blume Logistics, which enables customers to successfully execute all aspects of logistics across the supply chain, including first- and last-mile visibility and fulfillment.

Blume Visibility, which delivers end-to-end visibility across inventory and shipments, including in-motion inventory.

Blume Optimization, which enables routing and asset utilization, reduces costs and enables agility in capacity planning

Blume Finance, which enables transparency and visibility for freight audit and pay, automating transactions, verification and settlement, including blockchain-enabled payment and settlement.

Blume Digital Platform, which is a modern, data-driven platform that connects trading partners and includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), blockchain, big data, intelligent robotic process automation and IoT support.

Blume Universe, which is an AI-powered management system that includes real-time insights, automated exception management and predictive.

"We are seeing a powerful convergence of trends that are simultaneously creating new opportunities and new challenges for businesses," said Pervinder Johar, Chief Executive Officer, Blume Global. “Technological advances in machine learning, AI, intelligent robotic process automation, blockchain, big data, IoT and more, are enabling us to look at the supply chain and all the assets moving along the supply chain as a collaborative trading network that can be orchestrated and managed, and continuously improved, in real-time. At the same time, the foundational requirements around cost management, operational improvements, profit improvement and risk management remain core to supply chain leaders. Adding to this is the enormous competitive pressure that we are seeing across every industry that is on the one hand improving customer experience, and on the other simultaneously increasing pressure as demand becomes less predictable and transparent. This is driving a need for a more complete, collaborative, technology and data driven approach, from the first mile to the last mile, including the visibility, orchestration, fulfillment and settlement across all participants”

"As a customer since 2011, we are excited to see the next wave of innovation to come from Blume, in particular in logistics execution. For us, the ability to execute all aspects of logistics across our customers' supply chains is critical to our business, including first and last mile automation and standardization to bring efficiency and improved service; visibility and fulfillment through the vast network of Blume-connected motor carriers. We look forward to continuing our work with the new REZ-1, now Blume, going forward," said Mark Bartmann, Senior Director of Seafreight Drayage Solutions, Kuehne + Nagel.

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