Live from the eft Media Zone: Lee Klaskow with Bloomberg Intelligence

Podcast with Lee Klaskow, Senior Analyst, Transportation and Logistics for Bloomberg Intelligence

Lee Klaskow is Senior Analyst, Transportation and Logistics for Bloomberg Intelligence, a new dynamic platform for in-depth analysis, ideas, and data sets on industries and companies, as well as credit, government, ESG, and litigation factors that impact decision-making.

He specializes in freight transportation and logistics, including global marine shipping, air freight and logistics sectors as well as the North American trucking and railroad industries.

Prior to joining Bloomberg, Klaskow was a senior analyst at Longbow Research and Prudential Equity Group, where he covered freight transportation and logistics companies. He has also worked at Prudential Equity Group as an industrial associate prior to being promoted to senior analyst.

Klaskow helped originate develop and execute global equity transactions for both ABN Amro Rothschild and J.P. Morgan. Klaskow began his career at McCarthy, Crisanti & Maffei analyzing and reporting on the primary equity markets.

Klaskow earned his bachelor of science degree in finance and management from Ithaca College, and his master's in business from Fordham University. Connect with Lee Klaskow on LinkedIn here:

This episode was hosted by Scott Luton and Jim Becker.

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