How are Hi-Tech Companies Optimizing for Growth or Adapting to Demand

Hi-tech is facing unprecedented pressures to tackle the challenges it is facing – mitigating risk, decreasing lead-time, becoming more consumer-centric to name three.

How are businesses handing these pressures? We’re looking at compiling answers from hi-tech industry professionals such as yourself and hundreds of your peers to create a comprehensive benchmarking report to help you understand how the industry is tackling these challenges.

The survey should take you approximately 4 minutes to complete here

The survey explores:

  • General hi-tech industry trends
  • Supply chain agility strategies
  • How companies are building customer-centric supply chains
  • The state of risk in hi-tech

By finishing the survey we’ll give you a free copy of eft’s exclusive hi-tech supply chain presentation pack. (Which includes presentations from Jabil, Samsung, Zebra Technologies and more). In addition, to a complimentary copy of the report once its published in a few weeks’ time.


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