Omni-Channel Retailing, Keeping Pace With Customer Demands

It’s common knowledge that consumers want an integrated, unified shopping experience. This is what the retail experience has to be now, but what does that mean for supply chain?

To help answer this, eft is releasing a package of omni-channel supply chain analysis, presentations, Q+As and industry research that it has conducted over the past several months to provide unparalleled insight into how major players in this space are tackling the challenge.

Access the Omni-Channel Supply Chain Package Here – it’s complimentary  

The pack contains 6 industry presentations (from Sears, Office Depot, John Lewis, Shop Direct, F&S and Prologis) and a Q&A with Rob JohnstonePresidentat Priority Express.Along with opinions from industry experts including Rich Sherman at Trissentials.Thereis also an extract from our latest omni-channel industrywide research (the Chief Supply Chain Officer strategy report) as well as live polling results from recent events and thought leader analysis. Find out valuable information such as what senior supply chain executives see as their biggest concern in omni-channel expansion.

Whatever your opinion on the future of omni-channel retailing, we’re sure that you’ll want to share your views. The Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum, taking place in Chicago this June 11-13 will give you the chance to do that.


The Forum brings together around 600 senior supply chain and logistics executives from the logistics and supply chain industry. The event will explore omni-channel retailing, but that’s not all. Supply Chain Big Da-ta, Segmentation, Demand Planning, Social Media and Doing Business in the MINT countries are just some of the other topics on the table for discussion. 


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