COVID-19: Accelerating cross-border e-commerce logistics operations


Normally, when we see major supply chain disruptions, it tends to be on the supply side. However, what we’re seeing now is a concurrent demand shock being felt around the world.

In this light, uncertainty is an understatement of the mindset across supply chains and logistics.

The sharing of ideas has never been more important.

Learning from peers has never been more critical.

As such, Reuters Events: Supply Chain and Seko Logistics host an exclusive virtual roundtable: COVID-19: Navigating the impact on fulfilment demands

Why join?

Share ideas among 12-15 senior industry peers to solve common challenges and gain key takeaways to implement strategies in your business

Build relationships that will help you survive and thrive amid the current crisis, and that will last into the future

Dial in from anywhere to work collaboratively with industry counterparts on your most crucial challenges

Over 90 minutes, gain eye-opening insight in an intimate, ‘behind closed doors’ setting

What is the conversation about?

The current pandemic has irreversibly changed consumer purchasing behaviour. An online ready, multi-channel logistics operation is a matter of survival.

Whether scaling up your ecommerce supply chain operations, or pivoting to a multi-channel model, this roundtable connects you with industry peers to share strategies, lessons and learning for ecommerce logistics success.

Key discussion points include:

Preparing your business for changes to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Treaty and mitigating unexpected increase in shipping cost

How to capitalise on the international opportunity with an e-commerce logistics operation that reaches untapped global markets

Unlocking efficiency gains by creating a more accurate picture of your sourcing network and the parties in it to enable accelerated growth, such as the re-use or re-sale of waste products.

Apply to join the virtual Roundtable here.

Thursday, July 16, 2020