Welcome To The New eft.com!

We’ve just launched the brand new eft.com. It’s designed to be mobile, to keep you informed on the latest industry happenings and to give you the latest research and insight from the eft team. Read below for a run-through of the site’s capabilities!

As supply chain and logistics become more mobile, it would be irresponsible for us not to make the jump as well. Over the last several months, the eft team have been working hard to refresh our news portal – a place over 30 000 individuals use on a monthly basis to access the very latest in industry news and insight.
Our changes have been focussed on making your connection to vital industry information seamless, polished and accessible. We hope you like the changes we’ve made and welcome your feedback to continue to improve how we provide you with the information you need.
Change is good. That’s why the new eft.com is…
1.       Mobile enabled –mobile is everywhere, and we’ve finally graduated to the movement by making eft.com responsive and adjustable so that it is seamlessly usable from desktop to tablet to phone.
2.       Media friendly – the new site has even more media integration than ever, allowing us to provide you with the information you need in the format you need it. Expect to see even more content from us in the format of video, webinars, audio, and more.
3.       Social – we’ve integrated your ability to share eft.com’s information with your network, peers and customers through fully integrated social media access point available in every article, post, report, interview etc. that you find on the site.
4.       Interactive – we want to hear from you – the issues, challenges and trends we cover aren’t static, and as such we want you to join in each debate, discussion or idea we explore. We’ve fully integrated a comments section to the new eft.com.
5.       Image centric – part of modernising the site means making it approachable and a place our users want to visit time and time again. As such, we’re integrating visuals into as much of our material as possible helping our readers digest all the information we’ll be covering.
6.       Searchable– we want you to be able to access the information you need when you need it. We’ve improved the site’s searchability, giving you the ability to find what you need.
7.       Research laden – eft produces original content on a regular basis leveraging our access to the top decision-makers in supply chain and logistics. We don’t want to hide this critical information from you and so have revamped our research portal so you can find everything we’ve created in one place.
8.       Executive focussed – to reflect our audience, we’re catering more of our content towards CEOs and CSCOs by way of our new Logistics CEO Focus and CSCO Focus areas. Over the next year we will be creating more and more material to ensure our content is strategic
9.       Technology focussed – tech is changing supply chain and logistics. It’s now got its own sub-site as we explore industry 4.0, and how it’s impacting the industry.
How to use the site:
Home page
A.      The square on the left-hand side contains a featured article. 
B.      The two squares in the middle are the two latest articles.
C.      The square on the right features one of eft’s current projects
D.      The 3 latest articles in each topic category are listed in each section below.
E.       Popular articles, Upcoming events, Latest reports, Press releases and a list of Latest Articles are all available on the right hand side.
F.       eft publishes a weekly newsletter written by CEO Chris Saynor featuring the biggest developments in the industry during the week, plus some candid comments from Chris.
G.     Our columnists – industry executives and thought leaders – are featured at the top of the page. Clicking on a columnists name brings up a short bio on them as well as a list of their past columns
H.     You can reach the whole eft team by clicking on ‘about us’ or following this link here
Supply Chain:
  • Hi-tech – a focus on supply chain in the hi-tech and electronics space, one of the most advanced, yet evolving areas of the industry.
  •  Pharma – with so many specific challenges, from regulation to cold-chain, this section explores the ins and outs of the highly complex pharmaceutical supply chains.
  •  eCommerce/Retail – as eCommerce, omnichannel and all of the innovation surrounding the changed in retail take place, eft will be covering the very latest developments.
  • Industrial – a look at some of the other complex supply chains that underpin the economies of the world.
  • CSCO Focus – this section provides a higher-level, strategic point of view of the challenges being faced by the senior supply chain decision makers in manufacturers or retailers.
  • Freight ­– a focus on the businesses moving goods around the world across modes.
  •  3PL – a look into outsourced and contract logistics and the challenges these businesses are facing from commoditization to consolidation
  • CEO Focus – a top-down look from the perspective of the senior-most decision-makers at logistics providers
Technology – one of the biggest changes in supply chain and logistics over the last decade has been the role technology is playing at driving efficiency, scalability, innovation and new businesses. As technology continues to drive industry change, this section aims to keep pace.
  •  Publications – your one-stop shop for all of eft’s publications – from webinars to infographics and reports, all organized along industry lines.
  • eft Prospectus – a comprehensive look at eft’s capabilities and industry reach.
Events – all of eft’s events, past and present – where you can find out how to join our hi-tech, technology, health-care, CEO and CSCO communities
About us ­ - everything you need to know about eft including our team-members and how to contact us.
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