The Week of November 20th: 10 things eft's been reading

The last mile makes a big appearance this week.

1. A deep-dive into who delivers Amazon packages. ‘Amazon’s Last Mile.’ [Gizmodo]

2. [VIDEO] But what’s the environmental cost of 2-day shipping? ‘The environmental cost of free two-day shipping.’ [Vox]

3. And the cost of last mile? ‘The cost of urban deliveries is high – up to 50% or more of total supply chain costs in Europe.’ ‘Urban Logistics’ [Cushman Wakefield]

4. Turns out bananas have a lot to answer for when it comes to global shipping. ‘How refrigeration revolutionised global trade.’ [BBC]

5. Retailers are already lining up for Musk’s latest. Will his supply chain hold up though? ‘Wal-Mart Joins Retailers Planning to Try Out Tesla Truck.’ [Transport Topics]

6. [VIDEO] ELD’s are coming to trucking. Here’s a look at their impact on truckers from truckers themselves. ‘How job surveillance is transforming trucking in America.’ [Vox]

7. Analogue watches are finally coming online. ‘Swiss watchmaker Omega joins the ecommerce bandwagon.’ [TechCrunch]

8. This sentence jumped out at me: ‘What we’re looking for is an entrepreneurial, honest, growth-oriented company that’s bottom line-focused and tech-oriented.’ ‘XPO Logistics: Fast growth through acquisitions and management style.’ [Westfair]

9. A trucker’s take on the Tesla Semi. ‘This ex-trucker has some questions about the Tesla Semi.’ [autoblog]

10. Package theft is taking America by storm – well no, it’s taking your packages. ‘Package theft hits nearly one-third of Americans. Is video surveillance the answer?.’ [USA Today]


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