The Week of August 21st: 10 things eft's been reading

Department stores are dying, malls are rising from the dead.

1. Malls are dying. Could they rise from the dead as warehouses? ‘The Best Place for a New Warehouse? An Old Mall.’ [WSJ]

2. Forward eCommerce seems to get most of the spotlight. Ultimately, eCommerce is about the customer though. It means returns need to be factored in. ‘Many Unhappy Returns: E-commerce's Achilles Heel.’ [Forbes]

3. Total eclipse of the roads. ‘States Alter Trucking Schedules to Dodge Eclipse.’ [Transport Topics]

4. From milk to meat, China’s suffered some huge problems at the hands of milk safety. ‘Blockchain could fix a key problem in China’s food industry: the fear of food made in China.’ [Quartz]

5. Department stores’ days look to be numbered. What a better time to look back at reminisce about what department stores brought to the table. ‘How department stores changed the way we shop.’ [BBC]

6. DHL is putting its money where its mouth is. ‘DHL to be title sponsor of DR1 Drone Racing Series.’ [Retail News Asia]

7. The more that customer expectations evolve, the more eCommerce is put on its back heels. ‘In Global E-Commerce, the Race to Solve the 'Last Mile'’ [BoF]

8. Fred Smith and David Abney have put their heads together to push for simplified taxation, expanded international trade and infrastructure investment. ‘Business Rivals Agree on Policy.’ [UPS Longitudes]

9. Warehouse workers are a booming sector in supply chain. ‘This CEO Gives His Warehouse Workers Top Perks, Too.’ [Newser]

10. On-demand pick-up. Wait… this sounds like a normal retail store? ‘Amazon just unveiled a better alternative to vending machines.’ [Business Insider]


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