The Sharing Economy and What it Means for Logistics

Robert Nathan, CEO of LoadDelivered provides insight into how the shared economy is affecting logistics.

Logistics is in a very exciting space as technology is allowing companies to re-thing how they’re doing business. One of the models that has been grabbing headlines in the last year has been the ‘sharing economy’ – using technology to allow individuals or organization to share the excess capacity of their assets – generally goods or services – to maximize returns.
In an effort to better understand how the sharing economy is affecting logistics, eft asked Robert Nathan, LoadDelivered’s CEO to provide some insight from his vantage-point.
Robert explores:
·         The future of logistics and the role of technology
·         How the logistics industry is already sharing
·         The opportunities associated with embracing the sharing economy
As businesses continue to shy away from assets, and technology connects more and more individuals with customers, the sharing economy is likely to become more embedded into logistics. Stay tuned as eft covers all the latest innovation and technology changing the way logistics does business.
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