Segway-Ninebot unveils line-up of autonomous delivery bots

Segway-Ninebot, which is the Chinese arm of mobility company Segway, showcases transportation robots with semi-autonomous piloting and auto-docking features

From left to right: KickScooter T60, Segway DeliveryBot S2 and Segway Outdoor DeliveryBot X1 [Credit: Segway Ninebot]

Segway-Ninebot has put out two new autonomous delivery bots, the Segway DeliveryBot S2, and Segway Outdoor DeliveryBot X1, at a product launch event with the theme of "Innovation in AI-powered Mobility" in Beijing. They are focused on the last-mile delivery segment and come from the company’s Chinese arm, Ninebot, which was founded in 2012 and merged with Segway in 2015.

The company said in a release that “The S series of Segway DeliveryBots can work well within buildings while the X series has the ability to go from indoor to outdoor environments.”

Segway DeliveryBot S2 will be given to selected customers for trial in October 2019 and Segway-Ninebot expects mass-production in the first quarter of 2020. Segway outdoor DeliveryBot X1 will be given to selected customers for trial in January 2020.

The DeliveryBot S2

The DeliveryBot S2 is a delivery robot that the company claims can adapt to any indoor environment. It is an upgraded version of the Segway DeliveryBot using LDS Lidar, which has a similar cost but incorporates a larger viewing angle compared with the depth camera used in the Segway DeliveryBot S1. The Segway DeliveryBot S2 also has the navigation system integrated with a visual sensor. The company hopes that these sensors will enable the robot to detect human feet and small movements in all directions so that it can avoid accidents and obstacles.

It can cross obstacles at a vertical measurement of 3cm and can cross speed bumps measuring 5cm. The robot’s distribution box supports the adjustment of the box's structure and can flexibly change from 2 to 4 slots according to the size of the goods it's transporting.

The DeliveryBot X1

The DeliveryBot X1 is an outdoor auto-piloting robot for delivery service between buildings. To do this it integrated multiple data streams, an advanced path planning algorithm and a dynamic obstacle avoidance algorithm.

The X1 can automatically recognize traffic lights and follow and overtake vehicles.

The Segway DeliveryBot X1 has a 350L large-volume capacity and is water resistant.

According to Luke Gao, Founder and CEO of Segway-Ninebot, "In the upcoming decade, the world will become more 'alive' with intelligent things. Global IoT is a pivotal direction of technology and business development. This sub-network of autonomous delivery robots will play a vital role in the Internet of Things. Segway-Ninebot is a smart mobility enterprise with mature robotics technology from years of experience. Owning strong products with healthy productivity, excellent cost & quality control, Segway-Ninebot is innovating the AI-powered mobility today."

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