Locus Robotics announces new fast set-up service

Locus Robotics hopes to make the most of soaring demand for e-commerce with a quick deployment service

Locus Robotics has unveiled what it is calling the Locus Rapid Assessment & Design Service, or "RAD." Locus is hoping to capitalise on the current swell in demand for handling complex e-commerce operations through automation.

Locus says its program has three steps:

  1. Data Collection: Gathering historical customer data about the facility 
  2. Proposal Development: Locus designs a Concept of Operations, including ROI, program timelines, and key performance metrics
  3. Project Plan Review: Locus develops a plan for fast implementation.

Locus says that this takes approximately one week and can be done remotely.

"The move to online commerce is happening faster than ever before. Now is the right time for third party fulfillment (3PL), retail, industrial, and healthcare companies to prepare for the volume surge by deploying new technology solutions to maximize their fulfillment efficiency and productivity," said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. "The Locus Robotics RAD Service is done while maintaining social distancing to quickly give customers and prospective partners insight into how our solution will improve warehouse productivity to meet growing fulfillment demand as we emerge from the current pandemic."

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