FleetUp partners with Route4Me to provide smart route optimization

Fleet application provider, FleetUp, has entered into a strategic partnership with Route4Me

The partnership combines FleetUp's asset tracking and management capabilities with Route4Me's patented Dynamic Route Optimization™ and management technology. The joint solution offers planning, optimization, tracking, and analysis capabilities.

Customers are now able to sequence driving routes for commercial (Class 1-8, Hazmat, and more) and non-commercial vehicles, dispatch, and track the location of multiple drivers on multiple routes on a single map.

Existing and new subscribers of the FleetUp service, will be able to use FleetUp's onboard diagnostics devices (OBD), which transmit location data in near real-time to its cloud based service, combined with the FleetUp driver app, which ensures ELD compliance.

FleetUp and Route4Me platform integration creates:

Tracking for dispatchers, managers, as well as customers. They can track drivers on a map and a driver's progress along a route while observing a driver's progress while they're on the road.

Planning for dynamic and recurring routes.

An app for drivers that shows them all their assigned routes, on an interactive map.

"Working side-by-side with Route4Me really benefits not only our teams, but more importantly our customers," said Ezra Kwak, Chief Technology Officer at FleetUp, in a statement. "With the dynamic platform we've created together, we're able to boost our customer service."

"Route4Me's partner ecosystem is rapidly growing, and we are proud to collaborate together with FleetUp to create value, efficiencies, and compelling new use cases for our joint customers that have logistics intense businesses. Many of our customers operate complex businesses and unfortunately they have low margins. Our joint solution, helps give customers a competitive advantage, with most customers seeing at least a 5% margin improvement," said Dan Khasis, CEO of Route4Me.

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