Are CIOs The Digital Leader In The Supply Chain And Logistics Industry?

eft is conducting the survey to uncover where your organisation is investing in technology and what your future role as an IT Executive will entail.

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How is IT driving business transformations to leverage innovation, disruptive changes, chart business strategy and pursue potentially transformative opportunities, fundamentally how do CIOs leverage these trends and disruptive technologies to chart their organisations future?

This survey looks at how technology driven disruptive forces are re shaping the role of the CIO within the logistics realm. Understanding how CIOs are adapting and adopting new digital technologies to ensure they stay at the forefront of innovation and are one step ahead is fundamental in today’s competitive market. 

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As a thank you, everyone who completes the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the finished report, plus we will automatically give you a link to a private webpage which gives you instant access to over a dozen more business intelligence products, including other industry. 

Please forward this link to your colleagues and contacts if you feel they have knowledge in the area and would appreciate access to all these resources. 


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