eft Newsletter 20th February 2014

Hi-Tech supply chain industry snapshot; new supply chain e-book launched; Mexico opens up rail

If you are interested in the Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Industry then you need to take a look at the info-graphic that eft have just produced; it is very welcome if not a little surprising that Africa is now the number one market that the industry is looking to expand into ahead of India and China.

In our quest to provide you with new, unique and insightful content, eft have partnered with Hughenden Consulting to launch a new e-book on supply chain. Take a look at the short video to get an understanding on what this will contain.

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News This Week: 
Hi-Tech Supply Chain Industry Snapshot – Biggest Trends & Challenges Revealed 
eft, in collaboration with Jabil, has created a compelling benchmarking infographic providing you a visual snapshot of the biggest supply chain and logistics trends being witnessed in the hi-tech industry. 

CEOs of CEVA, XPO, Estes, SVPs of Walgreens, P&G, Verizon Confirmed to Attend 2014 3PL Summit

eft is set to welcome the CEOs and Heads of Supply Chain of top companies to this year’s North American 3PL Summit (June 11th – 13th, Chicago) 

Digital Path To Purchase: An Outside-In Opportunity 

Growth has slowed. Complexity has increased. At least this is the story for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in North America.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - February 2014 

Georgia Logistics complies a monthly set of facts and figures regarding the Logistics Markets. We selected a few facts to share with you 

eft Launches ebook With Hughenden Consulting
Watch Hugh Williams, MD at Hughenden Consulting explain to Sophie Farrow, Research Director at eft the idea behind the ebook and what you, our readers, can look forward to! 

Mexico Tries To Open Its Rail Industry To Competition 
Once again, the Mexican government is ruffling feathers as it tries to modernize and open industries to competition and investment.

Q&A: Rob Johnstone on Same Day Delivery
Andrea Obston writes her first column investigating Same Day Delivery. She interviews Rob Johnstone, President at Customized Logistics and Delivery Association & Priority Express. 

Cycleon Appoints New IT Director
Ruud de Haas has been appointed the new IT Director of the award winning Reverse Logistics Company, Cycleon. 

Featured This Week:  Hi-Tech Supply Chain Infographic – Biggest Industry Trends Revealed

In collaboration with Jabil, eft has created a compelling benchmarking infographic providing you a visual snapshot of the biggest supply chain and logistics trends being witnessed in the hi-tech industry. Taken from our upcoming Annual Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain Report (being released next week) this concise data analysis details the main hi-tech supply chain priorities for 2014.

See the infographic here

Featured This Week:Video: eft Launches ebook With Hughenden Consulting

In collaboration with Hughenden Consulting, eft has announced the release of its new e-book. This e-book will provide 5 pieces of content annually which will include viewpoints of the best experts in the industry, survey-based pieces, Q&As with high level executives and conference summaries all created in conjunction with Hugh Williams, combining his expertise and experience with eft’s vast reach to pinpoint critical topics within the supply chain and logistics industry.

See the video here

Featured This Week: Two New Columnists: Cathy Morrow & Andrea Obston

This week we announce the release of two new exciting columns, the first from Andrea Obston who has written an executive Q&A with Rob Johnstone, President at CLDA & Priority Express, and will be conducting more Q&As throughout her columns. The second is from Cathy Morrow Roberson exploring how ‘the supply chain is transforming’ to how ‘the internet is changing how people interact’. In the future Cathy will be writing more new and exciting columns on ecommerce.

See all of eft's columns here

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