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Our entire range of industry leading reports, infographics webinars and maps are available below, click the images to be directed to the pages:



Webinar: Logistics - Customer Relationships and The Future of the Industry 2014

- Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Lead Researcher, Vested, University of Tennessee
- Greg Aimi, Research Director at Gartner
- Herb Shear, Chairman of Genco
- Mike Dundas, Executive Director, Global Operations Planning & Inventory Controls of Dell

'Despite a recovering economy, growth in the logistics space is still a challenge' said Chris Saynor, CEO, eft 'logistics providers are having to use innovation methods to drive growth in their organizations, including rethinking their approach to partnerships with customers'

Date Published: April, 2014


Webinar: The Walgreens Supply Chain Mission 2014

- Reuben Slone, SVP of Supply Chain and Logistics, Walgreens
- Richard Sherman, Principal Essentialist at Trissential

Rich began by introducing how companies can transform their supply chain to win. He encouraged listeners to view change as an opportunity, stressing that innovation is necessary to achieve competitive differentiation. He explored the risk/reward trade-off as he charted the steps towards successful supply chain transformation.

Date Published: April, 2014


More infographics, webinars & whitepapers in Hi-Tech, Retail, Health and more.

Hi-Tech & Electronics Supply Chain State of the Industry Report 2014
- 'Cost Reductions' main focus for hi-tech supply chain executives in 2014
- A third of hi-tech executives are investigating the possibility of using the train service between Asia and Europe.
- 69% of hi-tech companies are working in Eastern Europe
- Increased visibility voted as greatest big data supply chain ROI
Date Published: Feb 2013

Hi-Tech Supply Chain Industry Trends Infographic 2014

“Poor communication across multiple organisational silos, divisive returns management issues and fractured relationships with 3PLs are just some of the key challenges facing senior supply chain executives at hi-tech manufacturers and retailers.  This infographic, and subsequent report, gives you some easy-to-read statistics indicating the state of the industry” said Sophie Farrow, eft Research Director


Date Published: Feb 2013

Transport & Logistics CIO Report 2013-2014

- Key areas of IT investment for 2014 - WMS and busines applications' modification and performances were the most popular areas
- The use of big data technologies in the logistics industry - 61% are currently using or investigating big data
- Benefit found in outsourcing vs. building solutions in-house - of the 24 areas surveyed, only 6 areas were perceived to have more benefit when built in-house



Date Published: Jan 2013

Investment Strategies for Logistics & Transport IT Executives 2013

- 67% of logistics IT executives intend to increase their IT investment in 2014
- Top 3 Areas for investment for logistics & transport IT Executives: WMS, Business Applications' Modifications & Performance and Electronic Data Interchange
- Benefit found in outsourcing vs. building solutions in-house - of the 24 areas surveyed, only 6 areas were perceived to have more benefit when built in-house


Date Published: Jan 2013

The Trucking IT Industry Report 2013

-Increased interest by flett executives in TMS improvements - 32% wanting improvements
- IT budgets showing signs of increases - 57% reporting increases
- Only 5% of fleets reported decreased budgets




Date Published: Jan 2013

The Trucking IT Landscape Infographic 2013

‘Technology is increasingly a key differentiator for logistics companies.’ Said Chris Saynor, CEO of  EFT. ‘Trucking is no exception, and so seeing recovery in IT budgets is a trend we expected to see as demand picks up in the recovering economy.’ 



Date Published: Jan 2013

11th Annual 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum Briefing 2013

- All the information you missed at the event can be found in this comprehensive debrief
- Key topics: 3PL Customer Relationship, Omnichannel, Network Optimization, Talent & Diversity and Africa 
- Results of the 3PL Awards
- Live polling, survey results & twitter storify  


Date Published: Jan 2013 

Q&A: Rob Johnstone - Same Day Delivery

- Rob Johnstone, President CLDA & Priority Express
- Rob discusses same-day retail and why it's important for business-to-business and how retailers get into same-day delivery





Date Published: Feb 2013

Q&A: Hi-Tech Supply Chain Executive Insights 

“Even the biggest and most successful players in the hi-tech industry face constant battles to perfect and optimise their often overly complex and costly supply chains. In light of this, I have taken the opportunity to speak with a couple of supply chain professionals in the industry about their supply chain strategies for 2014.” Sophie Farrow, eft Research Director





Date Published: Feb 2013



Webinar: The Move Towards Globalisation - Supply Chain Strategies for the Hi-Tech Industry

- Hugh Williams, MD at Hughenden Consulting
- Fred Hartung, VP Supply Chain Solutions & Logistics

“Rising demand and the increase in consumer purchasing power all over the world has created certain pain points for hi-tech companies. This webinar highlights the key issues surrounding globalisation and provide some great hints and tips for supply chain executives in the industry” - Sophie Farrow, eft Research Director 


Date Published: Feb 2013

Europe's Most Desirable Logistics Locations

- Survey done with Prologis 
- 3 most important criteras affecting the desirability of logistics location:

1. Proximity to economic networks & strategic transportation access
2. Proximity to customers
3. Labor availability and flexibility



Date Published: Apr 2013

European 3PL Warehouse Map

- This map is a breakdown of the European Third Party Logistics & Warehousing companies seperated in warehouse capacity by square meter.




Date Published: Feb 2013

CSCO Strategy Report 2013

- The Key emerging markets for 2014
- The most effective methods for cutting supply chain costs
- The most important factors when selecting a supply chain service provider
- The biggest concern in omnichannel retail expansion


Date Published: Jul 2013

Hi-Tech Reverse Logistics & Aftermarket Services Report 2013

- 70% of supply chain executives surveyed still considered reverse logistics a cost center as opposed to a profit center
- 45% returns rate is expected of businesses by 2015
- Recovery value of up to 28% on returned assets 


Date Published: Aug 2013

S&OP Hi-Tech Webinar 2013

- Ron Diebels, Director of S&OP Demand Management, NXP Semiconductors
- Ulf Harring, Global Head of S&OP, Electrolux
Talk you through their S&OP journeys and give you key strategies to overcome crucial challenges such as how to develop a truly cross-functional team and how you can get senior management approval for your projects.


Date Published: Feb 2013 
Life Sciences Supply Chain Report - Medical Devices Focus
- Data from pharma/medical device executives on their expected digital budget 2012-16, eMarketing priorities and who they see as leading the way in digital.

- A comparison between the 3PL challenges of medical devices manufacturers vs. the perceived challenges from the 3PL point of view

- Analysis of hospital and pharmacy supply chain challenges and plans for 2013


Date Published: Feb 2013