Supply Chain Executives in the Hi-Tech Industry No Longer Feel Under Pressure to Deliver

In a global survey conducted in December 2012, supply chain executives from hi-tech retailers and manufacturers have revealed their thoughts on pressure faced by them in the last year. The report, released this week, demonstrates how executives are...


In the ‘2013 Hi-Tech State of the Industry Report’ supply chain executives at  hi-tech and electronics companies declared that they are facing less pressure in comparison to the last 2 years.  In 2012 44% of those surveyed  noted that they were feeling much more pressure – this has been halved,  reducing to 22% in 2013. Further stabilization of the economy, improved levels of supply chain contingency planning or more efficient supply chain processes could explain this decrease.


The report goes on to investigate the role of emerging markets in the hi-tech industry.  Brazil  comes out on top, no doubt due its particularly high and prohibitive import taxes encouraging more manufacturing.   China, in second place, clearly remains a key market for hi-tech companies.


 The report also highlights  the importance of digital supply chain.  Over 40% of those surveyed have already implemented digital supply chain projects at their companies , improving visibility and injecting speed into their supply chains.


Unsurprisingly 3D printing makes an appearance in the 2013 report.  Nearly a third of those surveyed saw it as becoming a small or significant part of their manufacturing processes in the next two years.  Although only a small percentage of hi-tech companies are currently moving forward with 3D printing projects, recent developments suggest it has the capacity to change the face of manufacturing.   It will be interesting to see how this phenomenon impacts supply chain in the next 5-10 years.  


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