eft Weekly Newsletter 30th January 2014

Logistics in Africa? How to outsource strategically; K+N secure new contract

I’ve just returned from an enjoyable week at a logistics conference in sunny Palm Beach. I must say the warm weather was a bit of a shock to the system, as I’m sure it was to most of the attendees from the ‘polar vortex’ regions of the North East, Canada, Mid-West etc!  I will try and put some thoughts together in due course on what I learned at the event. In the meantime I will mention that there was a lot of talk around natural gas and fracking, both in terms of what it means for energy costs within trucking and rail, but also the new business opportunities that have been created for logistics and transport providers in serving this new market. It’s definitely something that I will be keeping my eye on.

I will also direct you this week to a short 2 minute video from Sjoerd Van Loon, CEO at IJS Global, as he shares his insight on investing in Africa from a logistics provider viewpoint – I find it very interesting to hear these short words of wisdom on some of the less well debated topics. We’ll be putting more of these videos together shortly.

Lastly, we will be beginning a regular column on how social media is being used or can be used within the supply chain - so if you had the chance to ask Steve Nicholls the best selling author of “Social Media in Business”  just any question about social media in supply chain management, what would that question be?  Please let me know directly or send them over via twitter @eyefortransport.



Chris Saynor 
CEO, eft 


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News This Week:


Gasrec highlight benefits of 'eco-friendly' fuels for transport and logistics
Experts from Gasrec will be addressing European transport executives on key issues relating to the use of bio-fuels in transport and logistics - and the security of their supply. 


FlexLink extends supply chain management agreement with Kuehne + Nagel
FlexLink has extended the contract with Kuehne + Nagel as its exclusive logistics and transport service provider for the next two years. 


Saudia Cargo Signs Agreement to Transport Human Organs
Saudi Airlines Cargo Co. has signed a human organs transportation agreement with the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation that will allow the company to increase its involvement in humanitarian activities for the greater benefit of society. 


Strategic Frameworks for Outsourcing Decisions Part Two
Vivek Sood continues to explain how to strategically outsource, this is the second part of three parts 


Is now the right time to invest in Africa?
Video: Sjoerd Van Loon, CEO at IJS Global shares his insight on investing in Africa as he participated in a panel at our flagship 3PL & CSCO Event, also see answers from surveys done by eft!.


Featured This Week: Video - Is Now The Right Time to Invest in Africa?


Sjoerd Van Loon, CEO at IJS Global Shared his insight on investing in Africa as he participated in a panel discussion at our flagship 3PL & CSCO European Event. At the event, the eft team presented their results on a survey assessing the growth of 3PLs in Africa and their biggest challenges, these are revealed in this article along with Eric Melet, Managing Director, Development & Concessions at Bolloré Africa Logistics' insight on doing business in Africa.


Watch the video here

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