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Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain Resources; Women in Logistics; Logistics CIO's Meet; Forwarders Results; Automation and Asia

Spring has sprung in London today, with a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately, it was less sunny in Dallas earlier this week where we hosted the 16th Logistics CIO Forum, with a winter weather warning in place, although it is forecast to be in the 70s tomorrow, just as the eft crew leave. The Logistics CIO Forum is, I believe, the only event in existence that brings these technology leaders together and it was the first ever eft event back in New Orleans in 1999. eft have put together a storify of the event here (if like me you have/had no idea what a storify is…get a twenty something to explain it like I had to, but it really is just a social media recap of the event ;0))


It’s also important to mention that March 8th is International Women’s Day. It is no secret that the supply chain and logistics field is hugely under-represented in terms of female participation. We invited the Vice Chair of ‘Women in Logistics UK’ to pen an article on this topic. Interestingly, and quite depressingly, a 2012 study of seven-year olds found that most children aspired to one of just twelve popular occupations: teacher, scientist, hairdresser, sports player, fire fighter, police officer, artist, actor/entertainer, animal carer, vet, doctor and builder.  Girls’ and boys’ target careers were different, with a tendency to follow gender expectations, which was most marked in the case of hairdressing. There is a long way to go to try and stem the ‘negative gender bias’ in children when it comes to future occupations and dreams.

Lastly, Omnichannel retail is one of the most important supply chain issues around today. eft have put together a fantastic resource looking at the topic, including industry presentations from major retailers, expert thought pieces and survey results which can be downloaded here.


Chris Saynor 

CEO, eft

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News This Week: 

Omni-Channel Retailing, Keeping Pace With Customer Demands 
It’s common knowledge that consumers want an integrated, unified shopping experience. This is what the retail experience has to be now, but what does that mean for supply chain?

Exciting Consumer Market Potential
As the middle class grows exponentially in Asia, demand for FMCGs is increasing, Mark Millar explores the opportunities that could arise from the Asia Era.

Mixed Freight Forwarding Results While Uncertainty Surrounds UTi Worldwide
Questions continue concerning the health of the freight forwarding market. Is it on the mend or does the “lackluster” global economy still have detrimental plans for the market?

Panalpina’s EBIT on path to recovery in 2013

International freight forwarding and logistics company Panalpina made steady progress in 2013.  

The Evolution of Automation
Automation is a key way of reducing transport costs in the future explains Tim Fawkes of independent transport management experts 3T Logistics (www.3t-europe.com) explains. 

Why Choose a Career in Logsitics?
Logistics is the UK’s most underrated career choice and National Careers Week (3rd to 7th March 2014) is the ideal time to examine this unacknowledged field. 
DB Schenker and Maxell Europe Ltd. extend logistics contract 
The scope of activities includes a European Distribution Center located in the Netherlands, a Distribution Center in Hungary for the Eastern Europe market & the distribution to & from the warehouses.

Successful Inbound Supply Chain Management
AEB's white paper provides you with five opportunities to optimize the planning, monitoring, and efficiency of your supply chain

Featured This Week: New Column: Exciting Consumer Market Potential by Mark Millar

Mark Millar has written his latest new column exclusively for eft. Following his focus on Asia he explores the opportunities that could arise from the Asia Era, and how ‘demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is also forecast to rise’ as ‘urbanisation is accelerating’. He explains that ‘there are huge opportunities in Asia’ and how Asia can be approached to seize the growing opportunities. 

Featured This Week: 16th Logistics CIO Forum Storify

If you missed out on our Annual CIO Forum, not to worry we’ve made an easy to follow tweet-by-tweet story so you can feel as though you were there! Click here for the link

Featured This Week: Omni-Channel Supply Chain Package

It’s common knowledge that consumers want an integrated, unified shopping experience. This is what the retail experience has to be now, but what does that mean for supply chain?

To help answer this, eft is releasing a package of omni-channel supply chain analysis, presentations, Q+As and industry research that it has conducted over the past several months to provide unparalleled insight into how major players in this space are tackling the challenge.

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