eft Newsletter 27th February 2014

Omnichannel retailers can beat Amazon; How to be a CEO; XPO & ND results

This week we have some musings from myself about the retail industry, including some personal advice of an acquisition target for Amazon. Vivek Sood has written a great thought piece on how to rise to the CEO position and Jordan Kass from CH Robinson shares some thoughts on the global control tower in a short video.

In company news Norbert Dentressangle posts expected results and XPO continues its meteoric rise at least in terms of revenues, if not profits…..yet.

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News This Week:

Why Most CXOs Will Never Make It To CEO And What They Can Do About It? 

Vivek Sood examines a case study to understand why a board of directors may prefer an executive who can bridge all the gaps between functional areas for a CEO position.

DHL wins three-year Food Services contract with Virgin Trains worth over £30m 
In a groundbreaking move, Virgin Trains, the UK’s leading long-distance rail operator, has awarded DHL Supply Chain a £30m three-year contract.

Norbert Dentressangle In Line With Strategic Targets Operating Margin at 3.5% 
Norbert Dentressangle posted 2013 consolidated revenues of €4,032 million, up 3.9% from 2012 reported revenues. Like-for-like growth amounted to 2.4%. A currency loss of 1.6% was recorded for the year.

Roadrunner Transportation Systems Announces Acquisition of Rich Logistics 
Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. (NYSE: RRTS),announced today that it had acquired Rich Logistics, a provider of truckload and expedited services based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

XPO Logistics Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2013 Results 
XPO Logistics has announced financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2013.

Video: Jordan Kass VP Management Services C.H. Robinson- The Global Control Tower

Jordan Kass, VP Management Services, C.H. Robinson participated at our recent eft flagship event in Amsterdam (11th Annual EU 3PL Summit & CSCO Forum).

Why Every Retailer Needs to Be Fully Omnichannel, Which Includes Having Bricks & Mortar Stores 

eft’s CEO Chris Saynor has written a new column which looks at how bricks and mortar retailers who fully embrace omnichannel can gain an advantage on pure play online retailers such as Amazon

Featured This Week:New Column: Why Most CXOs Will Never Make It To CEO And What They Can Do About It? By Vivek Sood

In his latest column Vivek Sood explores why a CXO might not make it to the CEO position. In his findings he summarizes that the potential CEO must be able to bridge "the gaps between the various points of views and get the best performance out of the entire team". He continues to outline what the ideal candidate might be like and how they would "integrate the entire team and engender a unique shared vision of future", finalising with his thoughts on how an individual can do as much as possible to secure themselves the CEO position.

Featured This Week:New Column: Why Every Retailer Needs to Be Omnichannel - and That Includes Bricks & Mortar Stores by Chris Saynor

Continuing his authoring of interesting industry Columns, eft CEO Chris Saynor has written his latest article examining the retail sector and giving his opinions on the importance of omnichannel within it. He explains how bricks & mortar retailers may be able to catch up to online players such as amazon if "the bricks and mortar retailer can truly step-up their levels of automation and delivery options.".  

Featured This Week:Video: Jordan Kass VP Management Services C.H. Robinson- The Global Control Tower

Jordan Kass shared his insight on ‘The Global Control Tower’ at our flagship 3PL & CSCO Event in Amsterdam. Kass explains the change occurring in supply chains and how shippers need to adapt. Find his full presentation & watch the video here.


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