Logistics M+A Activity – What’s going to happen in 2016?

2014 was one of the busiest on record in mergers and acquisitions with over 1100 deals taking place. With many of these deals headline-grabbing, eft, has consolidated the major moves that took place January 2014-June 2015 and with the support of M+A experts, made some predictions towards 2016 activity.

The logistics industry continues to consolidate as tech-driven LSPs and regional access played heavily in acquisitions. With money remaining cheap, technology innovation thin and ground-breaking technology  valuable, 2016 promises to break records.
In eft’s 2014-2015 M+A activity report, uncover the very latest on global logistics activity.
Find out how eCommerce is affecting M+A
Learn where major players such as XPO are looking to acquire next
Discover how Private Equity is shaping the mid-market logistics community
See where 2016 is headed in M+A with 2015 Q1 already bosting $18.8bn in logistics M+A deals
‘2014 has been an amazing year in the logistics industry.’ said Chris Saynor, CEO of eft ‘Major growth in eCommerce and rapidly changing technologies have helped drive investors and 3PLs alike to consider M+A to better position themselves to take advantage of this growth.’
M+A features heavily at eft’s global C-level 3PL Summits: executive gatherings of the industry’s CEOs and senior decision-makers. These executives, including the CEOs of XPO (Europe), SingPost eCommerce, Agility, Moduslink etc.,will next be gathering in Venlo, Netherlands, October 14-16th. 
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