Changing 3PL-Customer Relationships - Recognising your Preferred Partners

Last year DHL received the Best 3PL for Retail Supply Chains. Hear from Nicholas Wyss, Head of sector Retail EMEA at DHL Global Forwarding about what differentiates DHL from their competitors, where they see the biggest challenges in the next five years and how they are preparing for these challenges.

eft: Congratulations again on winning last year’s Award as the best 3PL for Retail Supply Chains – What did winning this award mean for DHL? What do you think differentiates DHL from competitors?
Nick Wyss: Winning the award confirms that the focus we have on our customers is both recognized and appreciated. DHL’s ability to understand the challenges and goals of our customers and provide solutions that add value to our customers allow us to make a difference.
eft: What do you think differentiated DHL from competitors and made customers bring you in front of your competitors?
Nick Wyss: DHL’s sector focus allows customers access to best practices and solutions not only from their industry but across industries and across the entire supply chain.
eft: Where do you see the biggest challenges in the next five years within the retail industry?
Nick Wyss: Consumer demand- This continues to drive us to present products to our customers and their consumers when they want them, where they want them and how they want. Sustainability- meeting consumer demands in an environmentally friendly way is no longer a nice to have. Big data- how we make sure that the right information is available to make the right decisions.
eft: How is DHL preparing for these challenges?
Nick Wyss: DHL makes sure that it listens to its customers and challenges status quo. Involvement in events such as EFT is an excellent means to listen to colleagues and peers about how we can improve supply chains and deliver greater value. After listening to customers we work together to put ideas and innovations into reality.
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